Our C-19 Business Pledge

“While we are locked down, our communities continue to recycle and continue to create waste. Now, more than ever, everyone is becoming more aware of all those critical workers, like us, that keep turning up on the front line at some personal risk to themselves. I appreciate that our people, and their families, are worried about their safety at work and worried about their jobs. My pledge is to do everything I can to keep everyone safe and to protect their jobs while continuing to deliver our essential service.”

Dougie Sutherland, Chief Executive of Cory Riverside Energy

For Our Employees:

We are confident that our business is Covid-19 Secure.

We have ensured that those who are not directly working on operations are supporting the business by working from home.

Most of our staff, however, are critical workers and are needed to be at work to deliver essential services. We are absolutely committed to the health and safety of everyone. While ambulance services and hospitals are extremely stretched, the consequences of an injury on site are particularly acute. As such, at every one of our sites, we have taken extra steps to significantly increase our health and safety engagement, to reduce the risk of injury, as well as the infection from Coronavirus. As an example, while prevention is critical, it is now more important than ever to know what to do in the event of an incident on site, therefore all of our site teams really do know where the nearest A&E is and what to do in the event an ambulance is delayed.

The wellbeing of our employees who are working from home or self-isolating is equally important. We are committed not to leave any of our people behind. We have instigated a range of measures to ensure that everyone remains connected and engaged with the business to ensure that everyone’s health and wellbeing, not just those on site, is maintained during this difficult period. We have prepared a number of guides and resources for our people working from home. These are all freely available on our website for anyone to access here.

We will get through this together.

For our customers, clients and suppliers:

Our customers, clients and suppliers rely heavily upon us to ensure that London’s waste doesn’t become a health hazard. The amount of waste and recycling that people produce at home has increased along with the operational challenges of collections, recycling and disposal. Many of our customers, clients and suppliers have been economically impacted by the by the significant reduction of waste caused by the closing of businesses, bars, restaurants etc. We have also been materially impacted by this downturn.

We are doing everything we can, 24/7, to ensure that waste and recycling services are not interrupted.

We are ensuring that everyone is paid promptly and will work with suppliers and subcontractors to help through this crisis.

We are grateful to our government clients who are also supporting us and paying us promptly through this crisis.

For our community:

While the focus is covid-19, we are doing everything that we can to ensure that waste and recyclables can be transported and processed as normal, thereby ensuring that
the health and hygiene of the communities we serve is not compromised.
The environment also remains a major issue for our communities as well as being central to Cory’s strategy. We continue to ensure that waste and recycling is treated in the most environmentally sustainable way.

We are doing everything we can to ensure that waste is transported and processed as normal, and thereby ensuring the health and hygiene of our communities.

We wish to thank all other key workers who are working hard to serve our communities.

About the C-19 Business Pledge

Founded by former UK Cabinet Minister, Rt Hon. Justine Greening, and UK entrepreneur David Harrison, the C-19 Business Pledge aims to harness the power of business as a force for good in tackling the Coronavirus epidemic. Its purpose is to encourage businesses and universities to be a force for good by making a commitment to doing what they can to tackle Coronavirus (COVID-19). You can read more about it here.