Cory Riverside Energy:
Key numbers

  • Cory Riverside Energy tug icon demonstrating transport waste on the thames, green highway | Cory Riverside Energy

    Green highway

    100000 Vehicle journeys saved using our carbon efficient fleet of tugs and barges to move waste along the Thames Find out more
  • Image shows less landfill illustration | Cory Riverside Energy

    Less landfill

    750000 Up to 750k tonnes of London's waste turned into electricity and
    recycling product
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  • Image shows illustration of house with plug to demonstrate journey of waste to energy | Cory Riverside Energy

    Litter to light

    160000 Households powered
    with the c.525,000 MWh
    energy we generate
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  • Image shows road roller icon demonstrating sustainable aggregate produced from IBA | Cory Riverside Energy

    Rubbish to road

    200000 Up to 200k tonnes
    of ash recycled as
    construction aggregate
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  • Image shows brick wall icon demonstrating carbon negative product | Cory Riverside Energy

    Bin to brick

    10000 Up to 10k tonnes of Air Pollution Control Residue recycled to create building blocks for use in construction Find out more
  • Image shows Riverside Resource energy from waste facility icon | Cory Riverside Energy

    Local disposal

    149000 Tonnes of carbon
    saved by not sending
    waste to landfill
    Find out more
No Waste From Waste -

Our business is built around using London's non-recyclable waste in the most efficient way possible, turning it into a source of power for London's homes, and a source of building materials for London's infrastructure. Find out more by watching this video.