Green highway

Green highway illustration

We like to do things differently at Cory Riverside Energy. One of the things making us unique among the UK’s Energy from Waste (EfW) operators is the manner in which we choose to transport our waste throughout its journey and utilise it to recover energy.

Using the River Thames as a green highway, our own fleet of five tugs, more than 50 barges and in excess of 1,500 containers transport c.1 million tonnes of residual waste and aggregate per year.

The waste is collected from riparian transfer stations, serving a number of London boroughs, in sealed containers that are crane loaded onto our barges at strategic locations along the Thames. Navigating the hazards of the Thames requires patience and skill, the Captain of each tug has to contend with the tides, in fact, our entire river operation is driven by the tide. Barges containing full containers go downstream on the ebb tide while empty containers are taken back upstream on the flood tide.

Cory Riverside Energy tug icon demonstrating transport waste on the thames, green highway | Cory Riverside Energy
100000 Vehicle journeys saved using our carbon efficient fleet of tugs and barges to move waste along the Thames

Of course, moving the waste by barge can sometimes be challenging, particularly in bad weather conditions such as high wind or fog. But our Captains and their crews are capable of dealing with anything that the Thames can put in their way. Having run a lighterage operation on the Thames for over 120 years, we have had plenty of practice.

Using our fleet of tugs and barges in this way removes c.100,000 truck movements from London’s congested streets every year and reduces our carbon footprint. It is our belief that moving London’s waste in this manner is key to running an efficient, clean and low-emissions business that maximises the value of residual waste as an energy source, whilst responsibly minimising our environmental impact.

We transport c.1 million tonnes of residual waste and aggregate per year.
The Green Highway

By using the ‘Green Highway’ of the Thames, we remove 100,000 truck journeys from London’s roads each year, reducing congestion and improving pedestrian and cyclist safety. It also saves around 13,500 tonnes of CO2 compared with road-based waste transport. Watch this video to find out more.